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One page per question.

One page per question. Include the references from the provided sources and two peer reviewed sources for each.

Explain what makes his music ‘revolutionary.’

Listen to the music of Bob Marley. Describe, by citing examples, how his music reflects upon his political concerns. Explain what makes his music ‘revolutionary.’ This is the rubric- 1. Creates an initial post that responds to the discussion prompt with...

At least one map, one photograph or image, and

Its a place and identity essay about an area that we have a connection to. Red lion is a small down in york county pa. Just has to be about the history and identity of the location. The works cited page, not included in the 8-page minimum, must contain a minimum of 8...

Do they all measure the economy?

Read Knox et al. (2014). As you read, consider responses to the following questions: 1.What does it mean to classify the world economy as having a core and a periphery? Why was the category of ‘semi-periphery’ introduced? 2.What are some of the conventional and...