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In what does our identity reside?

   If we are either our minds (or souls) or our bodies as the seats of our “real” identities, does either declaration do justice to everything that we are? Are we are or are we not “double” creatures? In what does our identity reside? Just what...

What do you make of henry in this chapter?

Discuss the interactions between Henry and Catherine.  Is Henry Tilney’s “teaching” of Catherine patronizing or bullying or is he just teasing her? Why does Henry feel the need to treat Catherine the way he does?  Is Catherine open to his “help” or does she resist it?...

What is confusing to you?

Complete the handout on peer review. Be thoughtful in your responses. Is the thesis clear? Is it supported by claims that are developed with details and analysis? What is confusing to you? What would you like to know more about?