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In task 2 we moved forward and designed a research study, identified the factor/ independent variable (iv), factor levels & the dependent variable (dv) and looked at the experimental design of the research study using “x’’s and “o’s”.

you will continue with the marketing research process for the scenario that was mentioned in group assignments 1 and 2. ( i will upload the files). Stay relevant to the topic and do not go online searching; you don’t need any outside knowledge to answer the...

Graphics should be added

Tri-Fold Brochure needed for marketing purposes of class we are creating. I am attaching a copy of our syllabus to help create this brochure as well as an example and the rubric to get a passing grade. Graphics should be added

Do you think it is possible to alter these biases?

Cultural influences can lead to significant differences in the roles between genders in both societal and business settings. What elements of culture may be behind these differences? Do you think it is possible to alter these biases?

** 2) basic graph of analytical research model

Scenario: You are hired by Walt Disney World to determine customer satisfaction at its theme park. Little research had been done thus far so Disney is interested in a full-scale research project to understand what drives customer satisfaction. Exercise: Create a...